As a very small group of volunteers we totally rely on donations to fund all our activities. Although we all give our time freely we still need to meet the costs of tools and materials. In addition, we can cover large distances attending to all our sites so fuel costs can really build up. As you can see we don't just wait for money to be given - we're prepared to put in some extra effort as well!


By making purchases on-line through Easyfundraising you can contribute to our efforts. Simply go to their website and select the seller you want. You'll be directed to the sellers website and where you can make your purchase as normal. It won't cost you a penny more than going directly to the seller. It is the seller that makes a contribution to us. Click here to register or here to find out more.

Gift Aid a Donation

HMRC will give us 25p for each £1 you donate. Simply complete the form and post it with your donation.

Cheques should be made payable to:

Species Habitat Protection Group

A Gift Aid Form can be downloaded from  here

On-Line Donations

Please click on this button to make a secure donation to us. Every little helps our work in some way and will be appreciated. Thank you! Untitled 2