We see that an essential part of our work is to inform people and let them know about Barn Owls. We find that many people are interested and want to know more. They are, after all, rarely seen but remain a favourite species. We also combine these events with fundraising so everybody has an opportunity to help with our work in sustaining these beautiful birds.  


This is the primary way we use to meet new people and make new friends. We're able to tell them about Barn Owls and what we are doing to help sustain the species in mid-Wales. We can also show off our camera technology and provide a demonstration of how it works.

So far, as part of our 'Barn Owls: Vision On' project, we have given 8 presentations to Primary Schools, Brownie Groups, Local clubs & Community Functions (these included PowerPoint presentations and talk about our work and aims - for the schools & brownies we also included individual educational packs).

Please contact us if you are interested in these types of presentations. We don't normally charge for an event of this kind unless we have extraordinary costs to bear. Donations are welcome.

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Llandinam Village Hall is just across the road from our base at Wayside. That's good news, as it means it's no distance at all to carry all our equipment and exhibits.

They are always well-attended by people from the area. We can't really tell if it's us they come to see as everyone around here seems to take every opportunity for a get together and to swap news. In any case, we're going to assume that they take their local wildlife very seriously and want to support us because of that.

If you're within easy driving distance and you'd love a journey through our scenic countryside to get here please come along. Keep an eye on our Facbeook page for dates.