Barn Roof Reconstruction - August to October 2017

The remaining areas of the roof needed to be stripped right back and the supporting stonework repaired. A really big task, especially when performed in remote locations up in the hills during a typical Welsh late summer. The landowner lent us a hand and provided transport on the muddy and slippery tracks leading up to the barn. The photographs provide a commentary of some of the work involved.

Owlet Ringing - July 2015

We are totally reliant on local landowner permission for our work. We get their full support and so we like to involve them in our ringing activities, if possible. This way they can see the results and learn more about the birds. Here is a selection of photographs taken some recent visits. As you can see, all handling of the birds takes place under the supervision of our fully licenced handlers.

Some photographs of our initial ringing this season in June 2015