We are a charity and we are always looking to raise money to cover our costs. Previously we were extremely fortunate in obtaining a Heritage Lottery Fund grant to specifically help us with the costs of purchasing and fitting camera equipment to many of our boxes. We could never hope to do that without their help. We also are grateful to previous donors, such as the Newtown Round Table Charitable Trust and the P&L Trust, who have generously supported us in the past.

Despite these extremely valuable contributions to our work they are only one-offs. We will still have ongoing costs for tools, materials and travel to maintain what we already have. Coffee mornings in Llandinam Village Hall have continued to be a valuable source of funds due to the extraordinary support of our local neighbours, to whom we are extremely grateful.

One of our assets is access to Jon Sloan's workshop, his energy and skill with the woodworking tools and the time of our volunteers. This means we can make Barn Owl boxes, bat boxes and, new for this year, high quality boxes for smaller garden birds using our off-cuts.


Rather than spending extra to set up a commercial on-line site we will are selling these items through eBay. We chose eBay because it is familiar to most of us, safe and easy to use.


These are our most recent product. We make them with high-quality seasoned off-cuts to the RSPB approved design. They all have metal reinforced holes to help predators enlarging it to raid the nest. They should last a decent length of time so as to let you and your family enjoy many breeding seasons.

There are three different hole sizes (as can be seen in the photograph) so as to attract different bird species.

All these boxes cost £11 plus delivery


Designed for outdoor use and constructed of birch ply and are fully weatherproofed with a sloping felted roof structure. They have a rear bolt hole and plate for fixing. Of course, they don't necessarily need to be on a tree. They could be mounted on the outside of a building so long as the birds won't be disturbed by traffic, animals or humans. They are £120 each.

We can, of course, modify this box so that it can accommodate a camera. Please contact us directly if you you want this option as we can build to your specification.


Designed for mounting inside a barn/outbuilding that has free access for the birds. Because they are not exposed to the weather they of a lightweight construction but nevertheless are designed to last for a decade or more. This  is our standard box.

As with the previous box design, we can also modify this box so that it can accommodate up to two cameras. Please contact us if you want this option.


Tawny owl boxes constructed of birch ply and stained for extra protection and fitted with a roosting pole£70 each (see photo to the right)